interested in creating a new points plugin?

hello wpmudev team,
i'm not sure if this forum is intended for feature suggestions for current wpmudev plugins or also for suggestions for new plugins. if this post is wrong, feel free to move/delete it.

i am currently using the cubepoints point system which is also featured in marketplace and other plugins. sadly the plugin wasn't updated in a while so it doesn't work perfectly with the new wordpress version and there is only poor support on the wordpress plugin page. also the creators site is down and the facebook page says that it's not sure when the page will be up again and when a new version is being released.

since there seems to be quite an interest in a working points plugin (>60.000 downloads of cubepoints + intgration in several other plugins) i wanted to ask you guys if you could see yourself in developing an own points system.

i'm sure a thought through points system with a great support and a functioning community like you guys offer could attract you some new customers.

cheers, steffen