interesting problem with adding databases

So I have a new problem... Im installing multidb for a friend, Ive done this plenty of times now on my own systems so I figured it would work the same way....guess every system is diffrent.

The problem is this: I log into phpmyadmin and run through the script to create db entrys.. I did this both with and without root, both shows that the databases were created fine... I glanced at the db listings in phpmyadmin and everything looked fine to me... so I followed up by adding a user to all the dbs and that also showed it completed fine... I then went through the steps to the move blogs area and it worked fine too green down the board. Only problem was it didnt work.... I had errors every time I created a blog in wordpress...

So I looked again this time in mysql.... only db that was showing up was the original wordpress one... I even went crazy and tried recreating one of the dbs using mysql and I get an error saying the db already exists...even though it dosent show it.

So Ill admit... Im completly lost here, I know I have the right _extension I know the dbs are being created I just dont know what is going on after that.... I did find the following however:

The wordpress db that worked with the autoinstall that I didnt create, as well as any db I create via mysql or that sql wizard tool has this for the privileges for the overall account owner:

domain localhost wildcard: user\_% ALL PRIVILEGES No Edit Privileges Edit Privileges
database-specific ALL PRIVILEGES No Edit Privileges Edit Privileges

that is 2 lines but both under domain so the database specific thing lines up with wildcard

Now the databases I create in phpmyadmin dont have the database-specific stuff just the wildcard stuff

Has anyone ever run across this problem before? or have any ideas how to fix it.

  • LCDist

    hmmm Its adding the permissions in phpmyadmin but they still dont show up in the mysql listings... its almost like Im dealing with 2 seperate database systems ....

    Im so confused lol Anyone an expert at this stuff that can look at my system and see whats wrong... Im dealing with hostgator support also and they are stumped, not that its saying much, but having root access, and phpmyadmin youd think this would work so their must be some setup issue somewhere the problem is I dont know ssh well enough to identify it.

  • Grace n Ease

    I have been racking my brain trying to add the user to all db's through phpmyadmin.
    It has been very frustrating. I'm not familiar with strings and have tried to use the examples I have found, to no avail.

    So, I contacted my vps company and this is what they said;

    "We understand your concerns, kindly note that your server is running cPanel and it is the standard practice. MySQL databases need to be created in cPanel, not in phpMyAdmin. Creating a database and users outside of cPanel would prevent cPanel from being able to manage it. Because of this, the option to create a database is not available in phpMyAdmin. Create the database in cPanel first, then manage it using phpMyAdmin."

    Unfortunately, they have apparently disabled the "privileges" tab in phpmyadmin for the cpanel.
    Following the directions for creating the db's using the sql query, it works just fine.
    When I attempt to add my user to the db's using the sql query, it refuses access.

    So, I guess I'm looking for a new vps.

  • Grace n Ease

    I found that if I go into the WHM panel, I can set privileges.
    I also found that if I set privileges for the site user (through WHM) to be global (with GRANT), the cpanel will show the privileges tab in phpmyadmin. However, once I grant all privileges to the account user and the privileges tab shows in the cpanel phpmyadmin, all databases for all sites hosted through the WHM show up in the one account's cpanel. (When I saw that, it scared the heck out of me).

    I am not that familiar with all of this stuff, I have just been trying different things to solve the problem.
    After trying these things, the host of my VPS offered to run the command if I can't get it to work.

    I would still like to learn how to accomplish the task if I can because I want to do it with other sites.

  • Grace n Ease

    If the sql query were work the way it is supposed to, why couldn't the command to add the user and grant privileges be incorporated into the same list of commands which create the databases? It would seem to me that it would be much easier to do that way if it is possible.

    Wouldn't it be possible to (while creating the commands in the "db_sql.php" routine) also include the user name and password and assign privileges? Like I said, I am not very clear on these things, so I ask.

  • Grace n Ease

    Hi Phil,

    Now I remember you. I attempted to ask a question through the "contact us" approach.
    You responded with "Currently we offer comprehensive help and support via the forums, live chat, videos and manuals on WPMU DEV - and I'm sure we'll be able to help you out.". In that email, you spent several lines of content explaining how much support was available through the "forums" when my question would have been answered with a simple yes or no answer.

    The instructions for this plugin have a tool for assisting in creating all the databases, and a tool for helping the plugin connect to the databases. But it doesn't offer anything for adding permissions for the database user. Now I have to learn mysql to work with the databases created. I wonder how many programmers are actually running wordpress? I also didn't realize that in order to use plugins I had to learn all the programming languages to implement them.

    I stand corrected and will no longer ask questions through your contact us or your forums. I appreciate the education you have given me.

  • Grace n Ease

    Hi Phil,

    Is that right?

    I am so glad to have received the "comprehensive" help you so suggested in your email to me.
    I didn't pay a yearly membership for plugins to receive your arrogance. I happened to figure the problem out.

    It had nothing to do with my knowledge of MySQL. It had to do with the way the host has the cpanel set up. Or according to complaints at, it is a problem a lot of people have had since they upgraded cpanel. I went into my WHM and ran the query and it worked just fine.

    Running the query in the cpanel sql box kept coming back telling me that I couldn't add with "grant", as I mentioned above.

    It looks like maybe you could use a little schooling on what is going on with cpanel and the way permissions are being allowed or not allowed through it. Please, if you don't have time for us people who don't know as much as you, just don't comment.

  • LCDist

    who do you use for a VPS provider Xcon? I know hostgator said they are willing to do some work on their end for me when my databases get taxxed... t hey seem to think I wont need multiple even when I get bigger but I doubt it... as long as they are willing to do the legwork when I do need it I wont raise too much hell with em.

    On side note: These guys are great, ya they cant answer every question but honestly who can? Do you expect them to get into your vps and reprogram your server for you? I know in my case thats what would be needed and in all honesty show me a tech support ANYWHERE that will do that for you.

    To me it seems like phil wasnt telling you to get lost and do it all yourself... the way I read what he said was sorry what you want is not possible, and that to improve your service to your customers you may wanna read up on how privileges work, since its very much like what you can and cant do in wordpress. I know I personally want to give the best service to my customers as I can and yes that includes learning some basics... its not like he told you to learn how to do everything in mysql.

    Maybe I read everything wrong I dunno... Just to me seems like they were trying to help. I know from personal experience that Phil especially has been nothing but patient with me when I ask about a billion and 1 questions, and no I dont always like when he tells me that the answer is too complex to go into here but dude... thats life. The point is he answers what he is able to and points you in the right direction when hes unable. What more could you ask for honestly?

    Anyway back to the point in hand... if hostgator really is gonna tweak the amount of system resources that goes to mysql how accurate are they in saying I wont need multi db? I ended up getting bumped up to the ppl that actually know what they are talkin about over there and he was insistent that a properly run db wont need more then 1 no matter how large. As I said earliar im doubting that but is there any truth to what hes saying or is he avoiding figuring out what they did wrong in the setup of the server.

  • Grace n Ease

    My vps is hosted with

    This isn't the first time I asked a question and Phil shrugged me off.
    I am aware that there are a lot of things Phil may not know how to fix. That isn't a problem. If he doesn't know what is going on, rather than telling people to go somewhere else, maybe he should at that point just say nothing.

    Yes, I see that he is very helpful in some cases. Presuming my lack of knowledge in what I am doing isn't a way to go. As I stated, it had nothing to do with my knowledge of MySQL, it was a host or cpanel issue.

    If he were to say "I don't know" rather than suggesting that the person asking the question isn't knowledgeable enough that would be a great help.

    Like I said, this isn't the first time. I asked a yes or no question of the DEV team through contact us and he sent me an email with several lines telling me to look in the forums rather than take up their time asking questions the way I did. In fact, his statement was "were we to provide personal email support to all users we wouldn't have time to develop any themes or plugins!".

    If that is the case, then why don't these "experts" just say on their contact page "we are too busy, don't contact us through this page. Use the forums or chat."

    Anyway, I will shy away from posting in the forums. I would just rather not ask and have Phil tell me how much I don't know. When it isn't what I know or don't know about a particular language that is the problem. I find that to be a little too much presumption on his part.

    That doesn't mean that I am not learning or interested in learning. I am doing that as I too am working on building a network of sites. We all have to work at it, that isn't a problem for me. I see there are more than a few people who struggle with this plugin. So, I don't feel bad about having issues with the plugin. I personally think the documentation is lacking in some areas. But, that's just me. I'm sure once I get the hang of it, the plugin will be great. One thing I don't understand is whether or not the plugin should be uploaded into the plugins or just implement it the way the instructions say.

  • LCDist

    Im getting a pretty good grasp on this plugin... Ive had a LOT of problems lol... my most recent is from phpmyadmin and cpanel not being linked correctly.... so If I can help I will its just it seems like your issues are serverside as well...

    There may be a way to link dbnames with a cpanel account without givin that account a lot of access... at least if your server is similar to mine. I found the Database Map Tool in root whm would do it for me if I created the dbases in phpmyadmin first... however I still couldnt get grant to work like I could on other servers in that I could grant permissions fine, but again they wouldnt show up linked to that db anywhere other then cpanels sql database I still showed nothing linked to the respective databases... which was hostgators error not my own.... Hostgator however does work hard at resolving issues so if your new to a lot like me they are great for helping... just be aware youll probably run into mutlidb problems like me lol.

    As for where to put the files... dont put any files in the plugin folder... after you edited the appropriate files they go directly in the wp content folder with the exception of move blogs.php... that you really can put anywhere as long as you can reach it via browser.... id recommend a scripts directory like shown though just so its easy to find and such.

  • Grace n Ease

    Yes, I followed the instructions and tried to use it like a plugin. The two instances clash, so I just did it the way the instructions said to do it. I still have some issues with it, but not connection issues.
    There is another threat which covers the issues I am currently having, so no need to post it here.

    I do have a problem with cpanel showing the databases created in phpmyadmin. But, I am not having a connection issue so I decided to leave it alone. Though, I probably should check it out.

    I did go to the WHM and gave my user "grant" privilages. I haven't tried to make any other modifications via phpmyadmin since doing that. I will try that on my next attempt with my other network I would like to create.

  • LCDist

    Im not entirely sure if you need to see it in mysql or not in cpanel... I do know that I got my moveblogs to show everything green and it still failed ... Move blogs worked fine that is, it transferred the databases from my original over but wordpress couldnt write to them

    So I was assuming it was the issues I was having in mysql I may be wrong but my issues have everyone stumped so I guess Im not entirely sure what went wrong lol. but Ill check out your other post and see if ive ever had similar issues that ive solved.

  • Grace n Ease

    I haven't posted anywhere else. I just found a thread that is talking about the issues I am having. It is a warning:

    Warning: mysql_free_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given in /home/safessdd/public_html/wp-admin/move-blogs.php on line 141

    Warning: mysql_free_result() expects parameter 1 to be resource, string given in /home/safessdd/public_html/wp-admin/move-blogs.php on line 140

    I haven't posted anything on the site I am working on at this time. So, I don't know if if all functions correctly yet. I hope so, but not staking my life on it.. LOL

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