Intermittent Issues – Not Copying Content For Some Sites

We seem to be experiencing irregular issues in regards to the WPMU Multisite Content Copier ( It doesn’t copy content to a random handful of sites on our network.

When we try and copy a page or posts across all sites or even select sites on our Multisite Network, it appears to work on the frontend. But the actual content doesn’t copy.

Replicate Issue:

1.) Navigate to Content Copier and select action, typically Pages or Posts

2.) Select Source Site (I’ve tried both by Blog ID and Site URL)

3.) Add Items To List

4.) Select Destination All Sites or Individual Sites

5.) Finishes with a “Your selected items have been copied.” message. But checking some of the sites, the content did not actually copy.

Our Multisite Network has about 330 sites, so far we have a list of about a dozen websites that we’ve identified that refuse to accept the copied content for unknown reasons? This list can be provided in a private message or something.

Nothing peculiar pops up in the WordPress Debug Log, Apache Error Log or MySQL Error/General Logs. I’ve boosted the PHP memory limit and execution time thinking it may be timing out or exhausting memory but the dozen websites are sporadic throughout the network (blog ID #27, blog ID #99, etc…:wink: and not toward the end of the list. There is nothing in the nginx logs either (which wouldn’t make much sense anyway) [see below].

Our network operates via three virtual machines. Traffic is routed through an Nginx reverse proxy that connects to the web server which connects to the data server.

All in the Microsoft Azure Cloud running:

CentOS 7.2.1511

MySQL 5.6.28

PHP 5.4.16,

Nginx 1.6.3/Apache 2.4.6

Trying to provide whatever details may be helpful. Basically, we’re stumped as to why some sites just don’t work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!