International Multisite, WPML and plugins

Hi WPMUDEV team,

I’m a web designer building up a multisite for a client who’s starting an international franchise. The master/main site will be in Canada and we will be using it in French and English using the X Theme and WPML.

He has a franchise in Switzerland and their site (under the master site) needs to be in French and German. You can imagine how it goes for other countries.

There are times where we will need to push new posts or even new pages with Copier (made with the Cornerstone page builder) across the entire network from the main site to subsites in multiple languages. Should our main site then include ALL franchise languages? Is it possible then for subsites to display the content in only the language that’s assigned to them? What if our master site only has 2 languages?

My second question regards the Theme Manager. Say that our main site has a green navbar, same for subsites. I change the navbar to red on the main site and want the subsites to follow. Am I right in understanding that I could take the X Theme, save an altered copy with Theme Manager – say I name it “Alpha” – and push that change to subsites? Do I have to make the change to each site individually or can I push an update automatically throughout the network? Would that erase some subsites’ settings (such as regional logos in headers?)

Many thanks!