Internet Explorer users can't comment or reply?

On my buddypress site, apparently users who have IE (versions 6 and up) can't use the comment or reply features on my site, but all FF, Chrome, Opera, and Safari users can. Anyone else experience this?

My only computers are linux and Mac so I have no way of testing IE until I get back to work on Monday. I'm sure it's not true for ALL IE users.

Think maybe they have javascript disabled or something? Wonder if anyone else sees this issue.

I have had the problem reported with both the Frisco theme and BP Fun themes, but I can't replicate it on any of my other browsers.

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    I got on two different workstations with IE9 and was able to replicate the issue. Cannot click "comment" or "reply." When you try doing so, it links to the home page of the site and goes to it when "comment" is clicked. It's the equivalent of clicking "home."

    Works fine in Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.

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    To answer about conflicting plugins, here is a list of what I'm running:

    I'm using Buddypress 1.5.1 and Wordpress 3.2.1 ... checked and all my plugins are updated. Theme is Frisco for BuddyPress 1.5.04 by David Carson

    Akismet version 2.5.3
    All-in-One Event Calendar Plugin Version 1.0.9
    bbPress Version 2.0
    BuddyBar Widget Version 0.15
    BuddyPress v. 1.5.1
    BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier Version 1.0.3
    BuddyPress Activity Plus Version 1.2.1
    BuddyPress Album Version
    BuddyPress Docs Version 1.1.15
    BuddyPress Like Version 0.0.8
    BuddyPress Mobile Version
    BuddyPress Private Messages for Friends Only Version 1.1
    BuddyPress Template Pack Version 1.2
    BuddyPress Usernames Only Version 0.58
    Custom Login Version 0.9.4
    Flash Video Player with HTML5 Version 1.2
    MediaElement.js - HTML5 Audio and Video Version 2.2.5
    oEmbed for BuddyPress Version 0.6-beta
    oEmbed for Comments Version 0.6
    podPress Version
    Private BuddyPress Version 1.0.4
    RS Buddypress Activity Refresh Version 1.5
    W3 Total Cache Version
    WordPress Hashcash Version 4.6
    WP-DBManager Version 2.63
    WP-Polls Version 2.62
    WP Best Practices Version 1.2
    WP Widget Cache Version 0.25.4

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    Someone on here gave me some code to redirect SiE users to another page. While that code didn't work, what it did do was ironically fix the problem! They can comment and reply now. Why a redirect writtern in the header would fix things is beyond my comprehension.

    Disabling all my plugins didn't make a difference, however.

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