Intranet with WordPress

We used Simple Intranet to create an intranet of sorts for a client. Now it is time to overhaul. I'm trying to find the right mix of plug-ins and solutions to achieve the following:

1) Drag and drop, multi-layered org chart, using existing members.
a) each department has an org chart, rolls up to Exec Team.
b) click on a name and if that name has direct reports, their org chart is linked
c) easily be able to navigate BACK to the main (and other) org chart(s)
2) User profiles with customizable questions
3) Only select users can add/edit info
4) Repository for images, pdfs, etc (or integration with OneDrive)
5) Forms (Gravity Flow with Gravity Forms identified)
6) Easily roll up recently changed items, new pages, etc in a central location on the FRONT end
7) Instead of creating a page for monthly newsletter (site is using DIVI theme), have posts for each section. CURRENT newsletter pulls from each section.
8) pull content from external website (client's website). News Releases, Job Postings, etc.
9) Classified application
10) Job Posting plug-in