Intro Or Loading Page Suggestions

I have a client who is requesting a page with a logo and motion for an intro or loading page prior to the main site loading.

Specifically they are looking for a large logo to slide up slowly (a rising sun), then to have it slide to the left as the company logo slides in. Then the website would load or could have been preloaded in the background while this takes place.

I have poked around the web and there seems to be quite a few options here. I just did not know if there was one that was suggested or one that anybody may have had some previous experience using. It would be nice if somebody knows of something similar to the way that some of the layer sliders work, like revolution slider or the likes that would be great.

Just looking for some ideas, actually a simple movie overlay may work, the motion the client wants should be simple enough and could probably be done in powerpoint and converted to a video. I have never really worked with such plugins so I am just looking for any ideas or suggestions that the community may have.

Thanks in advance,