Intro settings (front static privacy page)--need major help ASAP (several questions)

Having big newbie problems with this theme. My membership ends tomorrow so any quick advice you can give is a blessing. I have "pregnancy brain" so please bear with me--I just found the basic free templates so much easier to work! This template also has many non-intuitive (for non-pros) labels that don't make sense to me (like what does this mean??: Enable or disable the homepage featured block
*default: disable
if enable, the featured block in home will be showed and below setting will be active wehn saved)


1. How do I control what pages are available for public viewing on the front privacy page? I'd like different pages available once members gain access than what is available to the general public. I also don't know how to control the pages available to members--at the moment the default for easily finding the forum is stuck under the "community" button but I'd like that to be separated out, and I'd like the forum to be the first page available to view upon logging in.

2. How do I make it so that I approve new members and limit only members to posting comments? When one clicks on "sign up here" after my welcome message it directs to: how do I direct it to a place where they can sign up/how to configure that? Alternatively, when you click on "sign up here" next to the login box it actually directs you to where you can properly sign up for wordpress membership but not necessarily my website only.

3. There is an option to have a youtube or other video on the privacy page but when I put in a link it does not show up--just the code shows on the front page. Any ideas on how to fix this? I also see there is an option to upload a photo but once I have done that it only shows a very tiny portion of the photograph--how to fix? Also--any way to make the photo the main background instead of the solid color?

Thanks. I will also be posting a few other topics.

  • Philip John


    Firstly on the menu issue - you should be able to play around with that in Appearance > Menus.

    As for restricting access, you'll want to look at using the Membership plugin for that.

    Take a look at New User Approve for moderating new user registrations:

    The "sign up" link location is within the theme options - you just need to change the URL to whatever you need.

    Can you try just entering the ID of the YouTube video? I.e. the bit after "watch=" in the link.

    If you only see a small portion of the photo it's likely you have uploaded a photo with the wrong dimensions. Check the dimensions needed for that space and upload a photo that fits.

    You are likely to need to edit the CSS if you'd like to change the background to an image. If you're comfortable with code edits I can provide guidance on that?


  • seasonalsad


    So this appears to be a wordpress issue?

    For the menus--I have looked at that and find it a little bewildering. Are there instructions on how to use this somewhere? It says "your theme supports one menu" so I'm not sure what that means exactly. Conceptually I guess the "menu" is the list of pages. But there is no where to control where these "menus" appear (i.e. homepage v. website) and if I can control a different menu for the homepage v. the main site.

    There also does not appear to be any way to control/separate the forum from the "community" page--in fact the community page is not on included in this menus thing at all making me think control to that is located elsewhere?

    Also, I selected just a few pages and added them to the "menu" I created but this does not seem to impact my website at all--I don't know how to select where the "menu" goes.

    Thanks again.

  • seasonalsad

    1. Youtube: your suggestion did not work. I'm going to give you a video link and please let me know exactly what portion to try:

    2. I created a new "menu" in order to select which pages are visible. It doesn't appear that I can restrict menu items on the public v. membership page. Is there a plugin for this? Also, since creating the new menu I discovered that suddenly many of the pages, when clicked, display all the information on the bottom of the public page (again, I'd like some of this to be private--like forums, etc. but some of the information to be public for educational purposes). There must be a setting for each page to hide from the public/or allow for public access? Can you please let me know where to find this? Unless this is something for a plugin? this is a MAJOR concern for me. I hope I'm being clear about my problem with this sorry it's confusing to me :slight_smile:

    3. Do you happen to know how I can add (or where to find) a donation box or paypal type donation widget? I did a search on wpmu and couldn't find one.

    4. My activity stream page on the Social Theme has very squished replies--half the size of the post. how do I configure it so that the reply box is not so narrow?

    5. I don't understand how redirecting my "sign up" link to another page works? Where would I direct it to? I don't want users to sign up for wordpress I want them to sign up for private access to my site. Is this something the membership plugin addresses? That plugin is a bit complex with the options and I'm going to tackle that next.

    6. Thanks for your help so far. I figured out how to create a separate forum button using the URL link :slight_smile: starting to get the hang of some of these things!

    Also--I am limited in CSS/code writing but know html and with instruction can figure things out. How would I go about doing this--I don't even know in which section of my dashboard to find it. Let's say I'd like to use my logo or header image on my front public page but have it take up a larger area --currently it's just a small box. I gather i'd need to go in and edit the size somewhere? Is that kind of thing possible? Or make it be a giant background image behind the sign up box area...that kind of thing.

    Sorry to throw all of this at you I'm just trying to keep what I need to get done today organized so I don't loose track!!! Thanks again for any tips. Again it has been slowly helping.

  • seasonalsad

    I'm going to post a few of these individually since it's really important to get these answered by the end of the day--I see you guys stop working in an hour. Apologies it's my fault I started this so late (my membership expires but I don't know if it expires at midnight tonight or tomorrow--it says I have access up until 8/24 so I gather midnight tonight). Thanks a miillion again. I can also be emailed at if I suddenly lose access but you have a few answers afterward (in which case tons of thanks in advance!).

  • DavidM

    Hi seasonalsad,

    We've gotten quite a bit of the specifics covered through your other threads now. I'll resolve this one since we're going through those at this point. Just let us know any further questions you might have through those independent or even through newer threads.

    It'll be best to keep the threads limited to one issue per thread, which makes it more organized and easier to manage.


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