Introducing Studio: Our latest WordPress, MultiSite and BuddyPress theme

Today we've got another release for you in the form of our latest theme Studio.

What is Studio?
Studio is a highly versatile theme that works for WordPress, MS and BuddyPress. It's got a nice clean and simple theme with 4 colour variations and also the ability to create your own version. Lets go over a few features:

- Build your own home page - choose slideshow, 2 featured 'content bucket' areas and a widget area
- Global call to action header - set a header throughout your site with a title, description and link button
- Google font directory built in - yep that's right we didn't just stick with the boring web safe fonts we now let you not only have Google fonts used in this design but also choose your own to add if you want to change the font. We've built in support for all the current fonts in the Google font directory - just pick the font using the drop down and it will auto insert.
- Custom header image - add a banner to your site or advert
- Community sliding panel - Yes you read that right! Our own Sarah from released a plugin we all love and loved so much we built one for this theme based on the JQuery sliding panel she used in hers. We created a stand alone one that doesn't require a plugin and does things a little differently with a smaller size and other changes. We hope you like this exciting feature.
- Simple SEO: Built in global title, keywords and description - default is off to avoid clashing with plugins and if you don't enter a title it uses WordPress built in title function
- Branding - add your own logo in 2 sizes
- Google analytics and footer links built in
- Sign up box - sign up section that auto detects your site format
- 4 colour variations and built in colour pickers to allow you to create your own colour scheme
- We listened to you about comments in code and throughout any custom code we've added on top of WordPress and BuddyPress we've made sure we comment any id and start or end of major scripting / components
- W3 validation - out of box validates for all those interested in optimization - we've also done a ton of other small but significant optimizations to the structure we're using for themes
- Documentation - We listen to you and that was one area you wanted us to improve on so hope we have. You simply have to check out our new PDF manual format that comes with 2 maps for customization and theme options with number keys! We also will have a video demo and tutorial coming in the next few weeks for this theme.
- Tweaked theme options section - we've looked at the clarity of our theme options area and tried to improve on that. We are always looking to improve things and your feedback has resulted in many of the changed throughout this theme not just in theme options.
- Multiple sidebars - we've added a sidebar for all occasions and a footer widget area also - want a sidebar for 404, single, archive, BuddyPress, search, blog, page - no problem :slight_smile:
- All our usual features like a blog/news template, wp3 navigation, featured images, parent and child themes, theme options and mo / po files.
- ... tons more we encourage all to just try this theme we think you'll enjoy it :slight_smile:

Discover Studio here:

Want to see a demo? We've got that covered too you can see everything on with a BuddyPress demo right here: