Introducing the Alternate Theme Switcher for old versions of IE

Well, @PC, I said I'd do it two days ago and's the announcement.

And Here's the GitHub link.

Copy of the introduction follows:

I’m sure you’ve been there many times before. I know I have.

You’ve just put the finishing touches on your latest WordPress theme. Maybe you’ve tooted your own horn on social media. You’ve spent 30, 40, maybe even 50 hours designing the thing only to have some Yahoo running Internet Explorer 7 and Windows XP on a DSL modem tell you the site is broken.

“Well F**k”, you say, as the air goes out of your happy bubble.

As much as we may want products like IE6, IE7, IE8, IE in general, Blue Host, and Dennis Rodman to go away, they’re practically monuments. They are part of the hand we’ve been dealt, and they’ll keep on frustrating us for years to come. Up until now, most of us have had to choose between a site that looks amazing, and a site that looked good in 2006. For a while now, I’d been using a handy little technique, which I first detailed over at WPMUDev, to work around the issue. For the average user though, that was an incomplete solution.

So two days ago, when I couldn’t find my scratch file with that code in it, I Googled my own post. Realizing how ridiculous that was, I decided to turn it into a plugin.

In developer mode, you can activate any theme or child theme on your site and configure it without interrupting your guests.

In the pairing screen, you choose which browsers to turn on alternate theme support for and which theme to push. I recommend individual child themes.

At present, this plugin is only available on GitHub. Unlike my simpler Clean Zombie Users plugin, this has a far-reaching impact on visitors. I’d like to get some alpha testing done, add additional features, and flesh out the Wiki page before inviting the WordPress community at large to download and utilize my work. If you want to check out the plugin, you can download it here:

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