Introducing WPMU DEV Chat version 2.awesome!

Hi, all you social dudes and dudettes. :slight_smile:

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a completely new version of WPMU DEV Chat.

While re-coded from the ground up to put the least strain possible on your servers, this one packs one hell of a punch feature-wise.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s included in this revamped version:

User authentication with Facebook, Twitter… and Google+ (oh yeah!)

Full integration for BuddyPress groups and friends.

Integration with WPMU DEV Friends plugin.

Complete redesign of the user interface.

Active user lists for each chat session.

Better support for widgets.

Private one-to-one chats initiated by moderators.

Private one-to-one chats between WP users.

More settings to control the look, feel and colors of the chat windows.

Ability to ban users by email address or IP.

Ability to block offensive words.

Ability to control position of bottom corner and private chat to


Added popout/popin ability on all chat windows to break out of the theme frame.

Full screen on tablets and smart phones.

It’s absofreakinlutely awesome folks!! Go ahead and take it for a spin. We just know you’re gonna fall in love all over again! :slight_smile:

Check it out on YouTube:

Or get the scoop on

Remember to check out the usage instructions too!

And a big group hug is in order for all those who helped with beta testing too!