Introduction and request

Hello there, everyone! My friends call me Doc and I just joined as a member today. A little over a month ago, I decided to start my own WordPress site and have been updating it daily, and slowly the stats are building. More importantly, I have really gotten into the process of learning how to develop a quality site that offers great things.

By way of background, I am a professional stock and options trader. While that requires that I be at my computer during the trading day, it actually works to my detriment if I watch the action to closely, so I got the idea to help other traders learn enough to become regularly profitable with the extra time that I have on my hands.

I know there are many more experienced people on here than myself, and I would be very grateful if you would visit my site (, have a look around, and offer suggestions that will allow me to both improve the user experience and monetize the operation. Roughly, I want to make it a site where free memberships can get a good amount of information, but the really in-depth analysis and strategy is paid for by subscription.

Some of the questions I have are, which membership plug-in offers the right combination of power and flexibility with relative ease of configuration, does it make sense to develop message boards to stimulate interaction, and what is the best way to sell and distribute proprietary content like coaching videos and e-books?

Thanks for considering comments on my site. This is very exciting to be a part of, because I can already tell that the quality of commitment by the members here is high. It dovetails nicely with the fact that I try to do everything I can to be as professional and polished as possible, so I think I'll fit in.