Invalid data: The receiving plugin may not be activated at:


For some time, I'm trying to install this plugin, but does not work correctly.

I follow all instrucctions, but when I try to create a site with WHMCS, always show this error "Invalid data: The receiving plugin may not be activated at:..."

The blog is created in the WordPress Multisite installation through WHMCS but is not activated in WHMCS (show that error)


If I try to create the site again from WHMCS, WHMCS say: "Site already exists.:" (logic)
If I try to Suspend the site, WHMCS say: ": domain not found when trying to suspend:[] [0]" (If I try to create again the site, WHMCS find the site, but if I want to suspend it, WHMCS dont fint it Why?)
If I try to Terminate the site, WHMCS say: ": domain not found when trying to terminate:[] [0]" (same as Suspend)

In WordPress Multisite plugin settings, in "Remote WHMCS host:" what I have to type (My WHMCS installation in in subdomain and subdirectory)


Any idea about the issue?

Thank you

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Jose Conti,

    There is not a chance of figuring this out without some real information.

    Lets start with the WHMCS installation, the base for this plugin to work with.

    What is the URL to the WHMCS installation?

    What Template is it set at?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Jose Conti
    • Flash Drive

    After wait 3 weeks for NO respond, I debug the plugin.

    This plugin has a bug, file whmcs-mrp.php line 426

    You want to make a directory into wp-content/blogs.dir/

    mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.'/blogs.dir/'. $id . '/files', 0755, true); //0755 octal

    Why? WordPress make this subdirectory.

    The plugin find an error:

    PHP Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: File exists in /home/*********/public_html/wp-content/plugins/whmcs-multisite-provisioning/whmcs-mrp.php on line 426

    And stop there.

    Ones I commented the line:

    //mkdir(WP_CONTENT_DIR.'/blogs.dir/'. $id . '/files', 0755, true); //0755 octal

    All works fine.

    Thank's for the NO help.

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Jose Conti,

    Thank you for your additional feedback.

    I am sorry that you did not receive the assistance that you deserved simply due to the click of your own mouse and impatience.

    I am only telling you this so that we will be more successful working together in the future, or if the practice is continued you will become very unhappy with what you think of our support though in reality you are doing it to yourself with the help of the ticket system of course.

    Let me explain as I have done so many times here in the community, and this is not my fault, it is simply the way the ticket system works.

    Each time a reply is made to a ticket, no matter who it is from, the ticket system sees it as a reply and not only reduces the priority of the ticket, but also the tickets aging.

    Therefore each time you "bumped" your own ticket or made a reply it took it off of our list of tickets, off of the priority radar and aging, then into the back end saying it is not a priority and not aging.

    Because we have been catching up on things I was digging around in the back end of the system and found this ticket today, or it could have been possible that the reply you are receiving from me now would not have been caught for an unknown amount of time.

    Now that you have an idea of how the ticket system works, the advice would be to not touch the ticket after you have made your last reply so that it will indeed show aging priority and we will actually see it as such.

    Thank you for your understanding and with this new insight for you into the ticket system itself, I anticipate we will be able to work together more efficiently and to your liking.

    Sincerely, Joe

    PS: some rep points for you for posting your solution for other members to benefit from.

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