Inventory problem in marketpress


I’m having some trouble with the inventory feature in marketpress. After reading in the forum I see that others have found some bugs in this area and that it is being “worked on”. I would like to report my version of the problem and find out where we are at with getting this fixed.

My products are often unique and often there are only a few available. They also sell out almost every year. Because they are plants the grow and then there will be more available next year so I do want to keep the sold out products active. I do not want to take orders on items that I am out of because I don’t know if I will have them next year or not.

I also sell my products locally so I need to update my inventory from time to time manually.

When I update manually the system seems to accept the change, but the changes do not show up in the dashboard. The old inventory levels are still displayed there. When I set inventory to zero it should say that it is sold out but instead the front end displays a message that there is one in stock but won’t let the person buy it. This causes me to get phone calls from anoyed customers that don’t understand why they can’t buy the product.

I am not very good with changing the code and doing work arounds. Can you please let me know if there is anything that is relatively easy that I can do to fix this. Please let me know when you think a fix will be expected.

I will go back to the dashboard and grant access to my site.

Thank you,