Invite modules not sending emails

I am trying to use some Invite modules: Invite Anyone and Secure Invites,

but when I send invites there are no emails being sent. is there an option I haven’t configured?

thanks, Neil.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hello, Neil! Happy Friday!

    First, let’s check and make sure your WordPress install is able to send any email. There’s a plugin you can install (temporarily) to check this:

    There’s a chance your server is blocking PHP mail, which is how WordPress, and this plugin, attempt to send emails. Some hosts restrict this, since it can be pretty resource intensive, especially if you’re sending a lot of mail at once.

    Fortunately, if this is the case, there’s a workaround, using SMTP mail instead of PHP, which you can do with this plugin:

    Let me know if this solution doesn’t work for you, and we’ll dig a bit deeper. Have a great weekend!

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