Invoice system in Membership 2 Pro not working as I want it to


I cant figure out how the invoice system works. I have searched the wpmu database but no luck.

I have two memberships that users can subscribe to. The payment gateways the users can choose are Manual Payment Gateway or Paypal Single Gateway. The payments are recurring payments, and the frequency is one(1) months (every month). So when the membership ends, the users access is restricted to visitor/level.

When a user subscribes to one of the two memberships, and invoice is automatically created with the status Billed, If the user chooses manual payment and i have received then i mark the invoice as paid. So far so good.

From here, it seems as if the invoices are created automatically without being presented for the users, and the invoices seem to be getting the status "paid", even though the users have not paid or seen the invoices. And off-course when it is due date, the users are not restricted to visitor-level.

The picture of the billing section, shows a user who somehow has paid for his membership in april 5 2018!

How can i make the invoice system work, so that invoices are created automatically when it is due time for payment and the users can see them automatically, and when they pay I just have to confirm the payment if they choose manual payment, and they do not pay their account gets restricted to visitor level?