I/O Maxes Out and Snapshot Doesn't Complete

Okay guys…

Relatively new WMPUDEV member here and I was pretty excited to discover your products but I have to say I’m swiftly growing disenchanted. Hopefully you can help.

The general issue is that all the plugins seem to be extremely resource-heavy and I’m experiencing timeout issues and errors left and right. I’m on shared hosting, but it isn’t cheap shared hosting. It’s semi-dedicated, Lightspeed server (maybe that’s the problem, but I do have the Lightspeed noabort mod in my .htaccess). It’s running PHP 7.1 and with relatively generous limits. I’ve had or am having issues with the SEO Checkup timing out, Snapshot timing out or giving errors, and Defender timing out on multiple sites.

The specific issue I’m currently having is with Snapshot – I’ve defined the memory limit at 256M, I’ve defined the table chunk size and file chunk size at 10 (which I expected would slow down the process but didn’t seem to do anything), I even deleted a couple plugins that I wasn’t using, and still it completely maxes out my server’s I/O usage (which has a max of 2.44MB), and jumps the physical memory usage to around 60% (which has a max of 2GB). It gets to 85% on the “Files” step of the log and then the I/O maxes out for a long while, after which it times out. In order to get it to stop freaking out the I/O, I have to cancel the backup, go view the Snapshots, click the one I just created, and delete it because otherwise it perpetually says “Uploading.” Then I have to FTP into my server and manually delete the backup files in the “snapshots” directory, because apparently the plugin doesn’t delete them when I delete the snapshot, and I discovered six backups in there from all the times I had been re-trying it.

The site I’m using it on isn’t big and gets almost no traffic (none right now, it’s after midnight here). I’ve tried Snapshot on a new multisite setup with only two sites and zero content, and it didn’t even get that far – it got to 15% or so and then timed out, saying “Error, empty response from server.” I’m using Snapshot on yet another site that has no content besides one single post and it’s the only site where it is working, although it still takes way longer than it seems like it should. I’m trying to have the snapshot uploaded to Google Drive for this site, but on the multisite I tried your managed backups and it still timed out.

If you have any insight I’m all ears. At the moment I’m afraid to get too comfortable with it — of all the plugins I want to be able to trust, the backup plugin is easily on the top of the list.

Many thanks, hopefully there’s a solution!