Ip ban for brute force from jetpack

Ip ban for brute force from jetpack need to whitlist after I "first wait an indefinate amount of time before I can even get to admin. I just got the plugin whrer you can activate pending users. All the "real ones are locked up with no email on Activation (spam) the I hav robots brute forcing me. this is so lame I know most everyone get it but can we have a list or something to go through? I found some good steps online; honypot in child (didn't get chance to do (but then Wanguard says it is making 3 of them but are they wroking?) want to use the movement captcha vs the others. I am going to finish my project and possibly work with other dev to try and make a nice app so I am hoping that I can have a line of communication with help, meaning if I can just get help, Forums are empty everywhere, or they won't answer an