Ipad and Android problem with video & Membership


I've added some videos to my test website. I use the SZ-Video plugin and add 3 different files for html5 compatibility (.mp4, .ogv, .webm).

With no media protection in place, they all work like a charm in IE, FF, Chrome, Ipad and Android.

When I enabled Membership, IE and Chrome were ok, FF had some problems (it played the video, but didn't get the length, so it said "infinity" and I couldn't move the bar).

So I added the 3 myme types to the .htaccess file and also FF went ok.

Problem remains with Ipad and Android. With Membership media protection enabled, Android says the it could not find any video with supported format or Mime Type), Ipad says it doesn' find the file (e.g.: /reserved/2785.mp4).

Any idea about how to solve this?