iPhone appears to be locking me out of site


I keep getting this from my site,

We've just locked out the host from http://mysite due to more than 10 404 requests for the file /apple-touch-icon.png. They have been locked out for 3000 seconds.

The IP is mine, I think it may be my iPhone trying to get access.

I would give you access to the site but can't currently get in the site:slight_smile:
I know I can rename the plugin etc to get access, but I need to prevent the iPhone locking me out everyday.

Hope you can help,

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Mike,

    Is your iphone using the same wifi network?

    Have you tried using your 3g/4g on the iphone instead of via wifi, as that should then be a different IP address, and allow you to log back into the site.

    Alternatively, switch your router off for 5 mins and then back on, unless you have a static IP address as disconnecting the router for 5 mins should then generate a new IP for your router when it reconnects.

    Once you can get back in, you can add the file that keeps being reported to the whitelist in the 404 detection options.

    Dashboard > defender > IP lockouts > 404 detection.

    add the full path of the file to the whitelist:


    That should then hopefully prevent it happening again.

    Hope this helps

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