IPN Forwarding for use with Pro Sites and network activated Marketpress

So, there is a ton of conversation on IPN forwarding and it seems that every application is different. I am looking for some support tailored to me :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

First of all, I want to verify that I have the most current version of the generic IPN forwarding script. I downloaded from this thread which Aaron posted about 2 weeks ago. Now to address my situation.

I have Pro Sites installed with the network activated Marketpress operating like Etsy. What I am understanding is the url for the PayPal IPN is set to the address of the generic-ipn-forwarder.php file and then that code sends notifications to Pro Sites and Marketpress.

I need to:

1. secure my logs directory.

2. find my inc_pass

3. configure arrays correctly.

Thank you!