Ireland does not have Post/Zip Codes but it's a required field..


I'm in the finishing stages of building a site for a client of mine who are based in Ireland. They ship only to the UK & Ireland.

I'm setting up the PayPal side of things at the moment and I've noticed 2 very serious problems that I need to try and have resolved ASAP.

Ireland does not have any Post/Zip Codes.

When I'm checking out and at the step "Shipping" if I select Ireland it still asks me for a "Postal/Zip Code".

Ideally the way this should work is that when someone selects Ireland, that it no longer becomes a required field.

If the person selects United Kingdom, then obviously that field would need to be required again.

The other issue I've noticed, under "Store Settings > Payments" If I check "PayPal Express Checkout" I can't under the settings choose Ireland as a PayPal site even though Ireland has a PayPal -

I'm not a PHP Programmer, so this is something I would not be able to do at all so would these 2 things be able to added in?

I had an issue before where the Northern Ireland counties where not added in and I was given code to add it into a file which was then added to the next official release.

Thanks in advance

  • PC
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    Hello Again Tyler,

    I tried to look but could not find a proper solution to this.

    I have asked our lead developer to chime in on this thread and provide his advise on this issue.

    He should be here sooner than later.

    Cheers, PC

  • bluesplat
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    I need to update my original post.

    My client has just told me now that they only ship to Ireland & Northern Ireland. 2 different currencies. 1 has postcodes and the other doesn't.

    They only accept €uros so this isn't an issue. The postage costs are the same throughout Ireland & Northern Ireland.

    What I now need to do, is to rename all Ireland so that it says "Ireland & Northern Ireland"


  • bluesplat
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    Hey Aaron,

    Thanks for looking into this for me.

    In regards to changing "Ireland & Northern Ireland"..

    My client is based in the Republic of Ireland. They ship only to the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland. They DO NOT ship to Mainland UK.

    When I'm under "Shipping" in the cart, I'm able to select other countries, I only want to have Ireland / Northern Ireland as the option here since they do not ship outside the island of Ireland.

    Does this make sense?

  • Aaron
    • CTO

    Then in shipping settings you just only check "Ireland" as a ship to location.

    Regarding postal code, that is a required field for all countries, you are the first to mention one that does not use them. You would have to make a core edit to disable that check, line 2974 of marketpress.php:

    if (empty($_POST['zip']))
    $this->cart_checkout_error( __('Please enter your Zip/Postal Code.', 'mp'), 'zip');

    Remove those lines. I'll look at making it disableable via a define or maybe setting.

    I'm also going to add the IE locale to paypal gateway settings so you can select it next release.

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