Is an upfront page limited to one screen in Scribe?

Making a new page.
Drag and Drop Photo from customize and I cannot put in the full photo at the size I want.
Upload photo directly into page- "Your content here"- I get the full photo but it seems to be the background and the whole page. (picture)

When I drag "text" from customize to put content in under the photo, the text box is rejected-- it just bounces away. ("default caption" however... grrrr)

If I try to "edit" the page- I go back to normal looking word press editing with the WARNING-
I do not know what that WARNING means. (photograph)
If I do anything in the edit function-- add text, add another image- am I changing the Upfront template?

Is a "page" one screen long?
Is that why I can't enter text below the picture?

I want to have a big picture up top. (Sing)
Some text. (About singing)
And then a long and growing list of songs to sing (title w link to new page(?) with song video.