Is Anti-splog compatible with Buddypress or not ?


On the page it say it is but when i try to intall it i get :

Anti-Splog is only compatible with Multisite installs.

So it something wrong with the plugin or it's just the description wich is wrong ?


  • aristath

    Hello MrKalten and welcome to the WPMU-DEV Community!

    The Anti-Splog plugin is only compatible with Multisite installs.
    What that means is that it simply is NOT compatible with single-site installs!

    Buddypress can be installed on both singlesite and multisite. If you have BuddyPress installed in multisite then it will be compatible. :slight_smile:

    Anti-Splog is an anti-spam mechanism for new sites. If you don't have multisite then you don't need protection from users creating false (spam) sites on your network because they simply can't create any new sites to begin with.
    This is the reason why anti-splog is only compatible with multisite.

    I hope that makes it a bit more clear. :slight_smile:


  • aristath

    :slight_smile: If you run a network of sites like most of us do, pretty soon you realize that a plugin like this one is necessary!!

    I used to get 30-40 new sites daily and I had to spend half an hour every day figuring out which ones were the real ones and which ones were spam! And that was on a small to medium-sized network... I don't even want to think what goes on on large networks!

    So I don't think that the description is misleading, it all depends on what kind of site you have. If your site is a network site that allows new users to create blogs, then this IS THE plugin to have!


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