Is Anyone Familiar with the Mayshop


I have installed the MayaShop Theme from yithemes and there is a built in newsletter section… it is listed in theme options.

I am supposed to be able to connect it with mailchimp.

Here are the tutorials I followed…

But mailchimp has changed…

These are the steps I followed:

I already had a mailchimp account, I installed the mailchimp plugin (now you have to connect your plugin to mailchimp with your login, I selected my list, made it so it has only e-mail (unchecked the first and last name) so I did that) I added the widget, input the following…

1) Title Field -> Stay Updated:

2) Description Field -> subscribe our special newsletter

3)Action Field -> #mc_signup

4)Method of request -> Post

5)Identification name of the “Email” field -> mc_mv_EMAIL

6) Label of “Email” field -> Your email

7) Label of “Submit” button -> Subscribe

8) Hidden-> mc_submit_type=html&mcsf_action=mc_submit_signup_form&_mc_submit_signup_form_nonce=020569e00b

I didn’t need to go back to the mailchimp API etc because it is already connected and I already connected it to a list in the mailchimp plugin settings.

Also, this is the link to where I have the mailchimp widget temp in the sidebar

I saved my setting and tested it with two different email addresses and neither worked.

And also… how come in the newsletter field it says “your name” instead of “your email” ? Please tell me how I can change that?

Please help and let me know what I’m doing wrong here… how can I get the newsletter to be connected to my mailchimp?

And the other things is that on the site, the newletter says your name…. instead of your email??? I don’t see where to change that. On their demo site it has other things written… here’s their demo

Please let me know if you can help me figure out what I did wrong and why the mailchimp isn’t working with their newsletter and also where I can change the wording in the newsletter field.

Thank you!!!