Is anyone looking for buddypress members proximity search plugin?

is anyone looking for a plugin that let members (buddy press) add their location and then search for other members by address and radius?
i have been working on a premium version of my plugin wordpress places locator which includes some great new futures which the main one is integration with buddypress. The plugin adds "Location" tab to the user profile where members can add their location. then you can create a search form which include any chosen profile fields, address, radius and units( miles, kilometers). members loop results will show the distance of the members from the location, his address, and his profile fields if chosen. also google map that will show markers of users on the map. the plugin let you choose any marker to show for all users or you can let users to choose a marker in the "location" tab.
i am almost ready to release it but obviously i need some testing done. i was thinking about uploading it here for you guys to test and give me feedback. so if there are some of you that are interested please let me know and i will attach it.