Is anything else needed to make pro-sites work?

I want to offer web site/page hosting, similar to or the plethora of others out there. In the past I’ve been advised to use edublogs with multsite, and domain mapping. But am I right to guess that pro-sites is a more complete box to permit page/site hosting? Does 123 Farms work with it so that users can select their theme? Is wildcard DNS a requirement for any aspect of using Pro-sites?

  • DavidM
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    Hi y3kgeek,

    Pro Sites is a complete solution to say the least, and it can integrate with Domain Mapping among other plugins to provide even more functionality.

    If you do wish to provide Domain Mapping you would still need the Domain Mapping plugin activated, and from there you can specify whether you’d like the plugin’s features to work in a subscription level.

    Also, Farms theme pack should work just fine alongside Pro Sites. And nope, wildcard DNS is not a requirement for Pro Sites to work.



  • jdsullivan411
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    Wow! You guys have no social life right? Because you are always coming up with so many good things for us. Being the project is to provide web sites, I’m guessing domain mapping is going to be needed at least for people who want their site to be on a TLD. In that case, does my server have to support Wildcard DNS? I’m working with two server companies now, one doesn’t allow for wildcard DNS, the other does for a pricey fee which is holding me back at present.

    Also, I am thinking that people who want TLD, will need to point their NameServer to my IP. (Which might explain the fee for setting up the dedicated IP), so am I right to guess that what domain mapping does is that it directs TLDs coming into my IP address to the appropriate subdirectory for their site?

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