is BuddyPress the right thing to use?

Before I get too deeply into redoing my old site, I have about a million questions! :slight_smile:

I have an existing e107 site with the following functionality (all to be available site wide; some of it to signed up members only):
- membership signup (free)
- events calendar with upcoming events list
- auto-google map on events (nice to have)
- rsvp to events (nice to have)
- countdown to upcoming events
- tv guide (can be incorporated into events calendar)
- classifieds
- forums
- newsletters/mass mail all members
- private messaging (admin can internally message all members; and members can message each other)
- product reviews
- shop
- phpfreechat
- business directory/listings (with monthly featured listings)
- free file downloads
- every user has their own blog that all other users can see and comment on
- banner adverts

I have about 5000 active members and want to move them over to WP/BuddyPress by the end of Jan.
I've got Studio theme and BuddyPress running, but I'm not 100% understanding ...

1. If this combination can do everything I need (with the right plugins; got shop and chat working fine already)
2. How the multi blogs will work?

Current site is and what I'm working on is