Is CoursePress 2.0 Active?

Team WPMU,

I've updated and activated CoursePress 2.0 and am profoundly confused.

What was updated? I see the changelog, but I don't see anything really changed in the system. I still can't re-arrange the order of section units. I don't have control over the courses (still all virtual pages), and it seems to be only barely compliant with Upfront which is still trying to treat courses like blog posts (I believe related to virtual pages, and I'm using Fixer to test).

The test course I made has no apparent navigation, is this a theme issue with Fixer or a CoursePress issue? The site is unbelievably slow -- stunningly so. Is this a theme issue or CoursePress?

Is this actually 2.0? I saw all kinds of notices when I updated, so I'm assuming that it updated something. But, it looks like it didn't update anything that was, you know, practically important. Everything in settings, shortcodes, etc all looks exactly the same as it was - -and behaves the same as well.

I created a unit and two unit sections to test the ability to re-order unit sections via drag-and-drop (a standing feature request for a long while), but I didn't see a way to change the order of those unit sections. Was this ability added to the update? I have to admit, this feature was a top one for me. If so, how do I re-order sections?

Courses were reported to being updated so they could be manually controlled, allowing site admins to utilize their theme's page templates and settings -- but I can't find any way to do that. Is there a way? If so, how do I do so? Controlling the page layout for the course was a pretty important feature -- was this enabled in this update? You have this ability with the Jobs & Experts plugin, was it added to CoursePress 2.0? If so, how is it implemented?

Is this the actual update? What was changed? How did this update meet any of the feature requests and bug reports over the last two years?

I am deeply confused by this release. I hope it was a mistake and 2.0.1 will have the actual update.

  • Luís

    Hi jetmac ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    CoursePress 2.0 was almost writen from the scratch, it have some new features like Forum and quiz modules, however, the features you mentioned were not added to this release, our developers are working and we hope to add those features in next realeases.

    Also, a full compatibility with Upfront was planned and it should be implemented in the next versions too.

    Cheers, Luís

  • jetmac

    Luís ,

    Thanks for chiming in.

    I understand the effort to change the code base was surely very difficult and I appreciate the effort to do so. However, it sounds like the functional issues plaguing the plugin have not been addressed. Personally, I think it was a terrible mistake to release an anticipated major update without fixing the functional issues.

    When you say "next version" what does that mean? 2.0.1? 3.0?

    It took almost 2 years to get to this point, how much longer until the actual functional issues to this plugin are addressed and resolved?

    I have to admit, I've been waiting on this since last January with promises from WPMU that the issues raised would be fixed with 2.0. Here we are and nothing was actually fixed. Again, I'm sure updating the base was important and necessary, but without fixing the actual fucntional issues it does me (and likely many others) no good whatsoever. This release is very disappointing. Shockingly so, to be honest.

  • Philipe

    Hey guys, I really want to update my coursepress version but when they first released I did it and it was a huge mistake, had to backup because of the bugs I had in my course, since then CoursePress has fixed, improved and added lot of things in different versions.
    Version I updated ( 2.0 ), I had problems so decided to backup to VERSION

    Here's the changes so far:

    VERSION 2.0.4 NEW February 15, 2017

    Added ability to enroll, when we use course_join_button, but we are not logged.
    Added sanitization of course id in "course_join_button" shortcode.
    Added ability to save course state and exit.
    Added filter "coursepress_unit_add_open_date" to allow display open unit date.
    Added auto-creating missing directories for PDF certificates.
    Added ability to show "Withdraw" link on [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"].
    Added fields "Display Name", "Email" and "Registered" to "Student Profile" page.
    Added "Edit user" link on "Student Profile" page.
    Improved time count method for modules, pages and units.
    Improved login/signup popups for small screens.
    Improved integration with WooCommerce - when we change order status from completed to another status, a student will be withdrawn from the ordered courses.
    Limiting facilitator role, from now on it can only edit allowed courses.
    Improved the appearance of buttons on course frontend page.
    Improved "My Profile" screen.
    Delete related course data from usermeta table when deleting a course.
    Improve "Student Profile" screen by adding nonce check, to avoid any profile display.
    Improve login and signup screens for small screens.
    Fixed a problem with wrong courses on [cp_pages page="student_dashboard"].
    Fixed a "60 seconds" bug - when module uses a timer, there was no chance to show different amount of seconds then "60".
    Fixed a bug with the sum of time for pages and units on course edit page.
    Fixed a bug related to the inability to disable CoursePress login form.
    Fixed a bug with previewing units & modules.
    Fixed a problem with "Manage Course" button.
    Fixed a problem with access to CoursePress menu for instructors.
    Fixed a problem with enrolling students using MarketPress.
    Fixed a problem with sections pagination when course is in normal mode.
    Fixed untranslated texts.
    Fixed a bug with ability to approve comments to discussions.
    Fixed a bug when user can enroll in the course without paying to paid course.
    Fixed a bug with combination when we do not have required modules, but we check "User needs to answer all required[...]".

    VERSION NEW February 1, 2017

    Fixed: Fatal error thrown on older PHP version
    VERSION 2.0.3 NEW January 26, 2017
    Fixed a bug with deleting sections within modules.
    Fixed "button" in shortcodes when not on courses list.
    Fixed a bug with adding students to course in admin, when MarketPress or WooCommerce is used to sell courses.
    Fixed problem with custom CoursePress login page.
    Fixed a bug with pagination on course archive page.
    Fixed a bug with custom certificate background.
    Fixed a bug with available unit date for different languages then English.
    Fixed a bug with instructors permission to see CoursePress assessments.
    Fixed a bug with course fee with WooCommerce.
    Fixed a bug on workbook page - it show correct answers before student answered.
    Fixed a bug with post status on course edit page.
    Fixed shortcode course_list context attribute.
    Changed redirect after login, for editors it will be now WordPress Dashboard.
    Changed redirect for non-logged users who enter student dashboard URL to login page.
    Added parsing video URL to add autoplay parameter.
    Added ability to auto re-create certificate if file is missing.
    Added permission check when try to download certificate.
    Added ability to show unit description.
    Added ability to login by email too.
    Added key length check for mcrypt function to avoid wrong key size.

    VERSION 2.0.2 NEW January 11, 2017

    Fixed bug with class autoloder function.
    Added better default CoursePress certificate.
    Added "Settings" and "Support" links on WP plugins page.
    Fixed a bug with import students to course when MarketPress is active.
    Handle situation when student try to add comment to non existing module.
    Fixed "Domain Name" for proper translation.
    Added check to import json file.
    Added confirmation popup when student withdraw from the course.
    Fixed non-virtual student login page.
    Removed fakepath file location in file upload.
    Fixed student dashboard page.
    Fixed warning message when user is logged out.
    Fixed untranslated texts.
    Added allow weak password registration.

    VERSION 2.0.1 NEW December 14, 2016

    Fixed: Chat module support for wordpress-chat plugin
    Fixed: Module's unlimited retry attempts
    Fixed: Language Internationalization
    Fixed: compatibility issue with Market Press CSS covering course edit
    Fixed: Student progress migration when Market Press is enabled
    Fixed: Treegrid js error
    Fixed: Units overview link
    Updated WPMU dashboard
    Updated included Market Press version 3.1.2

    Well, I wonder if I can try updating again, should I wait more? I want to my students to benefits from all this new features!

    Thanks for the big effort WPMU team to bring better software and service for us all.


  • Luís

    Hi Philipe ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    Since the update to CoursePress 2.0, they were released several versions with a lot of fixes. CoursePress it's more stable now, so I think you should give a try.

    However, I would like to suggest you to create a staging site to test the update in order to check if everything is working properly before update it in the "live" site.

    If you are using a regular WordPress installation, I think this article may interest you:

    If you are using WordPress Multisite, you can use our Cloner plugin to duplicate the subsite you want:

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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