Is Defender as good as WordPress Security?


Today I use WordPress Security on mu site. Will Your plugin “Defender” be an option to choose in stead? I am wondering if I should change from WP Security to Defender. Will it keep me from being hacked and from brute force attacks and other stuff that WP Security helps with?

And the Cloud Backups with Snapshot plugin, is it a full backup plugin? If something happens to my site, I can just by a click get it up and running again? If my site get hacked, I will be secure and my site is safe?

You see that I am trying to understand if the plugins you provide is enough for my sites, or if I have to buy other plugins to be secure.

Do you have plugins that prevents comments spam and contact form spam?

I use Cloudways as my host.

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi Rene,

    Hope you’re well?

    Currently Defender is not a substitute or replacement for Wordfence, Wordfence still has a lot that Defender can’t do, however, They both do brute force protection & login lockouts etc.

    Your site will never be 100% secure no matter what security tools you have though, the tools just make it a lot harder. You should still be vigilant & checking access logs for suspicious activity every now & then.

    The backups with Snapshot are a full backup, you can either restore to an existing site, or there’s a restore script you can use.

    Hope this helps

  • René Munthe Eik
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Would it in your opinion be enough with the Defender and the Snapshot for a site in Norway with about 100k pagewievs a month? I am trying to cut costs, and it is expensive to hav both WPMUDEV and Wordfence security.

    If I get hacked, it will not be a problem as long as the defender takes backups of my site regularely? Will it?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay


    Yes, For now as Defender is still in it’s infancy, it is not as complete or sophisticated as the full blown well established security plugins. So it is advisable to use it alongside other products.

    As for getting hacked, don’t just rely on Snapshot backing up your site, you should also have a backup backup too, a CPanel backup is the most reliable than an actual WP plugin, and don’t just backup & forget. You need to periodically check your backups to see if they’re restorable in case you ever do need them & then find out the backup is faulty.

    When/if your site get’s hacked, it is not good enough or feasible to simply restore a backup, because your backup might also then contain compromised files and malicious code too. This is why recovering from a hack is not a job for beginners & you need a proficient person to help recover from it.

    Hope this helps

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