Is domain mapping compatible with Buddypress?

I have domain mapped one of my sites at this address and everything works correctly except for Buddypress. The problem is that if I visit a Buddypress user profile the url reverts back to the subsite domain.
If you visit the link above and view the activity page, then select a username from one of the feeds you will see the url change.

Is this a known problem?


  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi ghog,

    This seems like an issue with your theme grabbing the wrong URL. If you look, the link is correct if you click on the avatar for the user, but not if you click on the name.

    Evidently whichever part of your theme is displaying the name of the poster needs to be tweaked to use the same procedure as the avatar. Alternatively, edit it so that the name doesn't link to the profile at all and let people click on the avatar image, which you'd probably find most people would do anyway.

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