Is Events+ a good starting point for this?

We have been asked to develop an event registration website for a network of sports clubs.

I wondered whether Events+ would be a good starting point for this and if so how much effort would be required to make modifications to it.

Outline: up to 100 events, 1500 participants. Front and back end with reporting. Integrated into suitable payment gateway. Admin-defined questions to ask the user as they register. Unlike most other systems, parents will make the booking on behalf of their child, so will need to ask for both parent's and child's details.

Needs downloadable register of participants by event host, ability to move people between events, pause registrations and tracking of real-time availability. Bespoke confirmation email including event name, child's name, contact details.

Any thoughts if this is possible, or is it going to be better to start from scratch or something else?

  • Alexander

    Hi @xootom,

    Events+ does have much of what you're looking for, but there is some to be left desired.

    Events can be created in both front and back end. Users can also RSVP from the front end.

    PayPal is the only supported gateway, but Events+ can integrate with MarketPress allowing Events to be sold as a product. This give you access to the numerous MarketPress gateways.

    Admin defined questions are not supported. Right now there isn't a way to attach a form to event registration. Also, Events+ can only RSVP one user at a time. Unfortunately this means each child will need to register separately.

    Each event can have it's RSVP list exported as a CSV file for download. There isn't a way to move people between events, but you can cancel RSVPs from the backend. Availability can always be seen by viewing the event in the dashboard.

    Hope this helps give some extra info and clear some things up!

    Best regards,

  • Techtomic


    Thanks for your reply!

    With the requirements we have, I'm really looking to find out how much we need to spend to achieve our aims - does WPMU DEV take on custom work, or would they build in features if they perceive them to be in line with future requirements?

    Or would other members here be interested on taking this on as a development project? I'm looking for an idea of the cost to build this.

    Thanks again,

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