Is Facebook-like embedded content tagging for members and groups possible with BuddyPress/WordPress?

Subject: Is content tagging possible with BuddyPress/WordPress?

My company YourSports is using crowdfunding (group-buying) as underlying business model for local and mid-level sports broadcasting. Virality is key for us. We're using WordPress/BuddyPress to power the network.

Wondering what it would take for "users/members and groups" to be tagged in embedded content like videos (from outside services like Blip.TV), then have those tags be linked backed (and organized) in the user/member and group profiles. Simliar to a Facebook photo tag, but without the actual on-photo annotation. Instead a tag to the member list.

Also want people to be able to "invite" others into YourSports if they aren't registered users/members on our network--just like Facebook.

So in essence, we're looking for a content tagging plugin with viral e-mail (and SMS in the future) invite tool (just like Facebook) for our full streaming games.

Is this possible? Attached are a couple of screenshots.

Any leads, ideas, and/or bids on this would be very appreciated.