"Is Free" Quota Limit


In the absence of multiple levels in Supporter, we're taking the necessary "all or nothing" approach. Users will get a free three-day trial, then they'll need to become a Supporter to continue.

However, we really wish that we could find a way to limit the disk quota during the free trial period, without doing any manual updating.

One thought came to mind...since the Upgrades plugin includes a quota upgrade plugin, maybe we could use that outside of the Upgrades mechanism. In other words, maybe we could modify the quota upgrade plugin to be a Supporter plugin that only kicks in for Supporters.

Of course, the problem would be that a user would be viewed as a Supporter during the free trial. Elsewhere in these forums, I've read about an "is_free" check that would allow distinguishing between true Supporters and free trial users. Is this built into Supporter? If so, what is the syntax for leveraging the is_free check?