is google page speed reliable?

Is the google page speed test reliable when testing speed for wordpress sites? Is google going to be phasing this out?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey Corn!

    It has value, and it can point you in the right direction to solve issues you may not have noticed otherwise, but PageSpeed shouldn't be the only tool to measure your site's performance, just one metric you consult. You can learn a lot about how your site performs by taking a close look at your Google Analytics reports, for example, to see how long readers are spending on a page, how fast they leave your site, and what they're clicking behavior is while on your site. While this isn't a direct measure of how fast your site loads, it can tell you how your users are experiencing it and interacting with it, which can be really helpful in identifying who your users are.

    There are a few page speed checkers out there, of varying whistles and bells, it's always nice to google some alternatives to Page Speed to compare and contrast findings.

    Hope this helps!

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