Is it actually a 'Directory'? Am I missing something?

I just installed the directory plugin (the new beta of version 2) and I must have done something wrong.

With the theme my user has on their site (WPMU) there is no sign of the directory. I popped onto the forum and saw a post that it (the directory) only works with the theme it comes with. What? But i thought it was a WPMU 'PLUGIN'? A plugin should be theme independant, shouldn't it?

Oh well... Onwards.

So I set-up the theme in a new test site and set-up the directory 'plugin'. Go to add new listing and - what - it's just a blog post view. Where are the fields for Name, Business Name, Address, Phone, Email, URL, Description?

Can't be right, can it? Surely I missed something?

I went to the front end (like a non-wordpress / non site user would do) in a separate browser and clicked 'sign up' (surely the word 'Advertise' would be more appropriate?), added new user details, clicked the link to add a listing and, sure enough, as a non-wordpress user I was confronted with a blog post view.

What's all this? I just want to add my business details to this directory?

Surely something is missing?

Can you tell me what I have done wrong?



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Martin,

    The Directory is a complete package - plugin, plus a theme which makes it all appear nicely. You can of course integrate the directory into your own theme, just like any other custom post type would.

    If you choose the import option upon setting up the directory you have some standard taxonomies which you are free to add to with custom fields as suits your directory.


  • Martin Koss
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    I recall seeing the import on the previous version but did not see it on the new beta version.

    Also, when I tried to use the directory plugin with another theme I couldn't find any of the directory pages.

    I must have got it all wrong.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    All the directory listings are custom post types so you will be able to view them in your existing theme just like any other. E.g. click on "View listing" after you've created one.

    You might want to customise your existing theme if you want to display listings differently to other posts.


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