Is it actually a 'Directory'? Am I missing something?

I just installed the directory plugin (the new beta of version 2) and I must have done something wrong.

With the theme my user has on their site (WPMU) there is no sign of the directory. I popped onto the forum and saw a post that it (the directory) only works with the theme it comes with. What? But i thought it was a WPMU 'PLUGIN'? A plugin should be theme independant, shouldn't it?

Oh well... Onwards.

So I set-up the theme in a new test site and set-up the directory 'plugin'. Go to add new listing and - what - it's just a blog post view. Where are the fields for Name, Business Name, Address, Phone, Email, URL, Description?

Can't be right, can it? Surely I missed something?

I went to the front end (like a non-wordpress / non site user would do) in a separate browser and clicked 'sign up' (surely the word 'Advertise' would be more appropriate?), added new user details, clicked the link to add a listing and, sure enough, as a non-wordpress user I was confronted with a blog post view.

What's all this? I just want to add my business details to this directory?

Surely something is missing?

Can you tell me what I have done wrong?