Is it 'All shortcodes' or 'shortcodes above' that are protected by option settin

Referencing the resolved topic:

In David's screenshot, the tiny 'helper' text for shortcode visibility reads "Should all shortcodes be visible or protected by default"

On my screen the text reads "Should the shortcodes above be visible..." (I am using verson 2.0.7, installed just a week or so ago)

The difference between those instructions has great significance. From my version of the message I believed that only the shortcode I created in your plug in would be made protected. But David's version of the message means shortcodes that are in my theme and other plug ins are also auto protected.

The problem I was seeing was similar to the user 'danustu'. On pages where my text used theme shortcodes I was seeing the No Access Message. It appeared in the text anywhere the [shortcode] or the [/shortcode] tag appeared. It was not actually protecting the contents in between those shortcodes, but it was still displaying the No Access Message where those tags would have appeared were they actual text.

1) Why do I see a different helper text message than David, when that image is only five days old?
2) Is it correct then, for me to select "Yes - Shortcodes are visible by default" AND for my Stranger Level make a Negative Rule disallowing the ONE shortcode that I created in your options panel called 'blocked'.

  • DavidM

    Hi jageo,

    Sorry for any confusion there, I was using the beta version provided in the following thread:

    It's due for a final release very soon, but that beta version still works very well even in its current state.

    That said, either version technically should work out to produce the same effects. I think the issue comes down to your theme including shortcodes in theme files, which might require a bit of a creative workaround in either case.

    However, you could maybe give the beta version a try to see if it works differently. The final is due for release soon, but the database is the fundamentally the same between versions so there shouldn't be any trouble switching between versions as such.

    Care to give that a try?


  • jageo

    I figured you might have a beta version in play.
    If I use the scenario described above 2) it appears to be doing what I would expect it to be doing, so I'll stick with the version I have now. I'll assume that the help text in my version is incorrect, since what actually happens fits your beta help text.
    I am using a WooTheme and they include many shortcodes for formatting text. While that's not an ideal practice, it makes for a nice product to hand over to a client. Easier for them to format stuff with shortcodes than with css classes :slight_smile:

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