Is it bad for SEO purposes?


I installed Pay With a Like 2 months ago, because I thought that all the likes and shares in the social network, would benefit my overall SEO.

But I've found the opposite. Here's an screnshot of the stats for my best post: This post has received more than 700 facebook likes in this 2 months...but it seems that Google didn't like them...

It was clearly a post that was growing in traffic but, one week after installing the plugin, it started to decrease the traffic. And the same for the overall site. I haven't changed anything else, and the "effect" start just after a week after installing the plugin. This

Anyone else is facing the same? Any ideas?


  • aristath
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    Likes are NOT a bad thing.
    Google continiously updates their search algorithm and these updates can sometimes have unwanted results. Hovever, social sharing can never be a bad thing.

    The "pay with a like" plugin forces users to "like" a page in order to be able to read it. I don't know if google is unable to crawl the content of this url (because naturally google bots can't "like" a page to be able to read it), that's something @Hasan might know more about.

    In the meantime here's what I suggest:

    Get a google webmasters account here: add your site, verify it and then look for any issues there. If google is unable to crawl a url (thus having a negative impact SEO-wise) you'll get a notification there and figure out what's going on.

  • daniel.martin.alonso
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Thanks @aristah,

    I have a webmasters account and there are no messages or errors that could indicate that something's going wrong.

    In fact, at first I thought that there could be crawling issues for google robots, but (in webmaster tools) I've used the "crawl like google" feature, and I've checked the whole content is there. Also, if I look for my webpage in google, the "cache" version is also full.

    Where there are possible symptoms is in the " rss feed". I've just checked that, even if you have plugin configured to be disabled by default, the posts appears cut in the feed, with links to the social networks. I'm going to open a new thread with this.

    But, regarding content and google bots, it seems to be fine. Any other idea?


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