Is it just me? (caught in a landslide) firefox & WPMUdev

I seem to be having lots of wee bugs using firefox (my browser of choice as I use firebug for coding/css) and wmpudev (leaving me feeling very, very frustrated.... agghhhh)

When i drag handles up - items jump back down. Text editing in text boxes doesn't always work in 2 clicks. Adding shortcodes to a text box seems to mean refreshing a lot. I am saving every 5 mins. I have had a text box I am editing vanish from my screen. I don't get tool tips when using upfront - unlike in edge (microsoft edge) or chrome. Is firefox just not compatible with wpmudev?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello daisybee,

    I tried to replicate those issues on Firefox (I do lots of tests there) but I could not :slight_frown:

    Text editing in text boxes doesn't always work in 2 clicks.

    With this one you actually need three clicks to start typing - two to go to edit mode of text element and then another one to place cursor.

    Is it possible you could record a short video of what is working wrong - if I could see it it will be easier to follow your steps to replicate issue. (Maybe I'm missing something during my tests)

    kind regards,

  • daisybee
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor


    As always thank you.

    Just feeling like I'm as thick as mince round these parts!

    Can you suggest a good screencast for firefox? and I'll do some recording (running a few days behind work wise - learning something knew and being busy do not go hand in hand at the moment so playing catch up with client updates tonight)

  • Terry
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    I thought I'd make a comment here relating to browsers and Upfront. Been, there mself. Firefox is my browser preference also, but it doesn't play nice with Upfront. I often have trouble with the interface and inconsistent results. I'm on a Mac so I switched to Safari for the most part. It seems more reliable and faster. I've also tried Chrome and it works well too. Opera may be another good choice although I haven't tested it well enough to know. Just enough to make sure I have alternatives.
    As noted in the response from Kasia, they usually can't duplicate the issues. I've sent a number of screencasts showing the quirky behavior in Firefox, but there's really no answer since it's not consistent among all users.
    If you are on a Mac, screen capture is built in. Sorry, I don't know much about PC's. I use Camtasia for most of my screen caps since you can annotate the video. I really like it.
    Don't give up... try some other browsers and see if they work better.

  • daisybee
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Terry - thank you!! so much for your response - I was starting to feel like a super special (idiot!) snowflake when I was asking for help on the daftest things. I do a lot of training and testing with clients so I know sometimes just because you can't replicate doesn't mean it isn't happening on the persons pc/set up.

    I'm a pc person - so safari isn't available, firefox (i love, but doesn't play that well with upfront - and I think this is what is causing a lot of frustration), chrome - I like but in lots of admin areas it defaults to open sans light making it really hard for me to read (and I use that font so I can't uninstall) , so it looks like edge might just have... aherm the edge at the moment (yuk!) .

    If most of the wee jumps/issues I am having are just browser related it makes me feel much better - was getting so frustrated over the smallest daftest things (and a few sweary words were being used!!)

    I'll have a little look at camtasia and also see if I can see anything else.

    Really appreciate you responding!

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