Is it normal that Studio download is not producing default.css?

Is this ok? I have been having troubles all day with my theme (suddenly). I uninstalled and reinstalled it via ftp but have styling issues still. It looks horrible. I have uncommented the new enqueuing styles function only to receive a parsing error. Would someone please help? I started this thread specifically because my theme is missing default.css and I want to know if it is relevant.

  • DavidM

    Hiya Kel,

    The default.css file definitely shouldn't be any issue here. You do have default.css selected, correct? As long as that's selected you shouldn't have any trouble configuring the styling options, etc.

    Is there a particular point at which the styling was thrown off though?

    Just to check on something too, could you maybe try removing the Login menu item for just a moment?


  • tutuology

    well the thing that perplexes me is that there is no default.css in this file, unless it is only called CSS rather than default.css. Yes, the layout improved once I removed login from the menu, but only marginally. Prior to today, the menu was perfect, in the correct place with the menu I had set in place (not modifying login or any other field from the menu). I will admit that I selected automatic update for some theme updates. I think the problem happened after that because that is when I noticed the styling. I have since completely removed and manually reinstalled studio and child. I have only child network activated.

  • DavidM

    Hmm, are you now using the latest version of the theme then? It's made to be compatible with BuddyPress 1.5 and if you don't have that updated, it may be the issue here.

    It looks like currently though, the logo is pushing the sections below it down and out of place a bit.

    Not sure how that wouldn't have affected them before but given the logo's height that is what appears to be throwing things out of alignment.

    Would it be possible to decrease the logo height?


  • Tammie

    Are you enqueuing your styles if not that is problem. You need to uncomment in functions.php on child and make sure you have your styles in child.css. I did cover this on another one of the similar threads hence want to keep it on one thread to avoid confusion. But, lets resolve that confusion now by focusing on this here.

    I assume the issue is the confusion over the enqueue commenting - that's what I can gleam as in one thread you report issue with invalid error, then you say it's not doing the formatting here. So let me assume that and expand right here.

    To sum:

    First up decide if you are going to use the new child or the old child

    If using new child then simply copy from themes/ the child BUT make sure you take a backup.

    Then you need to uncomment out all lines ie; remove a /* and */ in functions.php

    Then you should have the child working but of course without your styling.

    Take your styling from your child and put in the 'new' child themes child.css file.

    If you are using your child then just copy over into your functions OR copy entire functions.php over if you don't have one and uncomment.

    Now, if you are doing this please let me know. Otherwise do this and then we can look at what we have after.

    My theory is your issue is your child styles are loading before the default ones and causing clashing as you've done some adjustments.

    Now, if you either get an error or this doesn't work please comment here exactly what you did (if you can provide a link great) and what the result / issue is. Then I can focus my attention on this thread and get you the resolution you need.

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