Is it possiable to PayPal Payment Gateway works without redirect the PayPal Website?


I am looking for PayPal Payment Gateway works in my site only, instead of redirecting Paypal website.

eg: once click on payment button its redirect to Paypal website for payment. Instead of this feature. I need

once click the payment button, Paypal details will ask on same page and once fill the details the transaction will happen in back-end.

Is it possible with Pay Per View?

Thank You,

  • aristath

    Hello there @sharada, I hope you're well today!

    I'm afraid that PayPal does not allow that... Payments have to be made on the PayPal site itself. This is for security reasons... If payments were made on your site then you would be forced to have SSL and a lot of security on your server, not storing CC info etc. Instead, PayPal takes care of all that cost and difficult infrastructure and implementation and handles payments on its own site.

    I hope that clarifies it!


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