Is it possible for me to enter 'pay to like' shortcode into my slide in?

Ive tried so many variations but it just will not work.

- I have selected, "shortcodes" in global settings..
- I have tried pool, and not pool,
- Ive set up the "use selection tool" option on the page that my slide in will be viewed.

Ive read that other short code does work, but before I give up, just wanted to make sure it really was a dead end.

thanks :slight_smile:

if you view feel like viewing the page,

  • PC
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    Hello @shane41

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    I would slightly disagree to the usage of Pay With a Like on the Slide In

    Here is why !

    Pay with a like is used on a post or a page to protect the content so that viewers can like them to view the content and the link is shared on their facebook profile so that it can reach a lot of people and the cycle goes on.

    When you like a content, the page refreshes and the content is revealed.

    So, if you use that in a slidein window, how would the content refresh in the same window ? its not the right approach.

    You should ideally use the link of the post/page which you want to protect with a like, and protect the actual page.

    Does that make any sense ? I hope I explained it clearly :slight_smile:

    Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same and I will be around.

    Cheers, PC

  • shane41
    • New Recruit

    Great point. Im feeling kind of stupid right about now. lol.
    That makes total sense. I was up without sleep... well, thats my excuse anyway..
    yeah that's the ticket... lol
    thanks for the response have a good day.


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