Is it possible for Multisite users to have access to the CoursePress Dashboard on their Multisite?

I want multisite users to be able to create courses on their multisite installation. I do not want to add them individually as instructors on my main site. I want for them to come to my site, create a multisite, and access the coursepress dashboard from their multisite dashboard and not from the main site installation. The idea is to have users create a subsite of the main installation and then build their own online campus on their multisite (subdomain).

I have Coursepress installed and network activated but when I log in as a test user (as if I was a new visitor who just signed up and created a multisite account), I do not see the CoursePress dashboard in the menu.

If you visit the new multisite logged in as admin of the main site (super admin) you can see the CoursePress dashboard on the subdomain (multisite) but not when logged in as a regular user on the subdomain (multisite). I have asked this question a few different times but no one seems to understand what I am asking and do not respond when I comment back to their initial response.

I currently have granted access to my site through the WPMU DEV dashboard if it is needed. Someone please help.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi Jerry!

    If you don't mind, after this thread, can you please keep your CoursePress questions to the same thread? There can be a bit of delay in hearing back from support after the initial reply, we're usually handling up to 120 or more active support threads at a time, and having multiple threads on the same issue can slow down how quickly we're able to help you.

    A subscriber, as you describe here, will not have the ability to create new Courses. This is by design, as you probably don't want users creating spam courses or having access to the dashboard of the site they joined as a subscriber.

    The site ADMIN will be able to control who can and cannot create courses on a site by site basis. So if the site owner/admin would like to give instructor capabilities to members, they can do so from within the sites they manage.

    Instructors will need to be added on a site by site basis, adding instructors to your main site will only allow those instructors (if they have the proper permissions) to create/manage courses on your MAIN site, those permissions do not extend to subsites.

    Hope this clears it up for you, and again, if you can keep your responses to the threads you've already created, or if there's a way that we can combine your multiple threads about this issue into one active thread, that will help us all help you better, and there's less chance you'll be working with multiple teams who may repeat ourselves.

    Take care, Jerry!

  • Jerry
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Sorry about that. Ive been working on this issue for a week and am just getting frustrated. So how can I give a subsite creator admin privileges so they can create courses on their own subsite?

    But I do not want them to have admin privileges or the ability to create courses on the main site or anyone else's subsite.

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