Is it possible now to have multiple registration forms for different membership levels?

I've created a membership site and using Gravity Forms to implement the new member sign-up form. I want to have multiple registration forms that users can use to sign up for different membership levels. I read this topic from 7 months ago:

That says it's not possible. How about now? Is there any way I can set up a couple different forms that will sign a person up for different levels of membership? Thanks.

  • Barry
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    Membership needs to control the user sign-up and subscription forms, so you shouldn't really be using Gravity forms to do that -in fact registration should be switched off in WP completely to ensure that membership is the only way to register users.

    We're moving towards a more flexible signup process with version 2.1 onwards (which will be released as we move through the beta process), it's possible now, but it's complex and will require a fair bit of code to override the standard forms and processes.

  • ContrastCo
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    Thanks, I'll wait for the new version in that case. I did disable the normal registration, allowing it only through the custom form with an automatic membership level for newly registered users. Do you know when the new plugin version will be available?

  • justindlong
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    I also am interested in this and wondering if it is in beta2 - I can't find it anywhere. Basically what I want to do as part of the pre-launch phase is give a lower price subscription to certain close friends, and once they have subscribed I want to give them a different subscription form/code with a slightly higher price (but still discounted) they can offer to their friends. So I need to be able to offer either invite codes tied to different pricing tiers, or different subscription forms. Or, what's the work around?

  • aecnu
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    Greetings Neha,

    It seems shear luck that while digging around in the back of the ticket system that I found this ticket which was closed over nine months ago.

    This is why you did not get an a quicker response.

    It would be in your own best interest to create a new ticket whenever you have an issue and to not reply or comment to tickets that are over a month old - because normally we will never know of the comment nor reply.

    However, in direct response to your desire to have multiple registration pages linked to designated roles, I will certainly pass this on to the lead developer of the membership plugin as a feature request.

    Thank you for being a WPMU Dev Member!

    Cheers, Joe

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