Is it possible to add "sub titles" to the package headers

In Pro Sites, under the Level Names..
In the input boxes.. I tried to add
Test to see if I could do some styling in the input boxes to add subtitles or even descriptions in the header boxes.. but the input boxes immediately rejected any styling.. Can this be changed? say add
<span>?? or what if I wanted to add a link, "see list of features" in each box on the pricing table.. ?? since I am not using the feature design?
And also.. do you have shortcode buttons for each level.. say level="l1m" for level1 monthly.. and then I could build my own pricing tables and just use your shortcode buttons.. this would offer alot of flexibility considering your setup is designed around a "left" features layout. Thanks.. I am still deciding if this is what I want, and if its going to work for us.. and if its flexible enough. Thanks again.