Is it possible to allow multiple registrations in a time slot?

Hi, I'm trying to setup Appointments+ for use with a bike rental service. One person will be handling the rental of multiple bikes. Is it possible to show what time slots are open, depending on the service, instead of the provider? here's a link to what I have set up:

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    Hi meatee,

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    Can you please check if your website is running. I tried accessing and its giving the following error Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in D:\Hosting\7386322\html\news\wp-content\plugins\appointments\appointments.php on line 30

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    Hi meatee,

    Try using the '[app_schedule]' shortcode and then check it. I think it works fine with this.

    Once you reserve an appointment, its unavailable for that particular service. However when you change the app schedule to show other service, that slot is available.

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    Hi @meatee

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    That is the default behavior of this plugin. One thing to keep in mind though is that a service provider can only provide one service at a time. So if both services are assigned to the same provider, the time slot will show as "Busy" or "Not available" if someone books either service.

    To get around that, create a dummy service provider to provide one of the services, and assign the dummy to the same provider as the other service. That way, the plugin thinks there are 2 providers, but this is invisible on the front-end.

    You can also use the autorefresh parameter in the shortcode, which eliminates the need to click a button to refresh the page.

    [app_services autorefresh="1"]

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    I've got it working using the dummy provider workaround, but I'm worried that later on there may be a new rental service with a larger fleet of bikes, say 20 bikes. This would mean that I would need to juggle 20 dummy accounts, each with their own separate time schedules.

    Any recommendation for a similar plugin that might be better suited to what I need?

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    Hello there @meatee,
    If you go to Appontments+ => Settings => FAQs, you'll find 2 questions there:

    What does service capacity mean? Can you give an example?

    I want to accept more than one appointment applications for each time slot. Entering higher numbers in "capacity" field in Services tab does not work. Why?

    I believe these will cover you... :slight_smile:


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