Is it possible to allow the user creator function to bypass the "local wp user directory"

We are creating multiple student blogs and would like to be able to authenticate LDAP accounts on the server and associate them with a new template blog.

When I have tried to use Blog and User Creator and Batch Create I get new users and a blog but the users are not directory users and then need to be deleted and reassociated to their blog. I would like the plug in to search the Ldap and create a directory users instead of a local user.

Also, I would like to be able to assign a template blog site to each of the newly created blogs so I do not have to import the required structure.

Do you know of a easy workflow that might save me hours of time.

Currently I have to

1. add directory user to root site 1 at a time
2 add new site 1 at a time in network admin ( I use the template plugin to assign the teacher/student template )

  • Ignacio
    • HummingBird

    Hi @scott_mahan.

    Sorry for the late. I was trying to figure out what you're trying to do and I'm not completely sure.

    So, everytime a new blog is created on your system, you'd need to add the user to your directory instead of the WP users list? That would need a little of custom code but I'd like to know more details about what you want to achieve. Could you tell me exactly, step by step what you're trying to do here?

    As far as I understand:

    1. Include the new user into your directory.
    2. Create the new blog and assign it to that user but do not ad d it to the wp_users table.
    3. Create a new template (for New Blog Templates) based on that new blog.

    So you'd have one template for each blog created?


  • Scott Mahan
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Ignacio

    The WP -Multi Site service that I am managing is only for members of our school division. We have connected our divisional central directory to the WP server using the plugin "wpDirAuth" and have turned off external registration.

    This works great as long as a user has logged into the WP server at least once. By logging in and out the plugin activates a directory account. ( it would be nice if it would sync all the directory users upon activation)

    Unfortunately, if we happen to create student sites using the "Blogs and Users" plugin or the "Batch Create" plugin before the student has logging into the main site, a "new user" is created. This "new user" is a local user that now owns the students email address.
    When the student tries to log in for the first time the ldap directory fails to authenticate because it wants to create an directory user with the same email address the the local user owns. I then have to delete the "local user" log into the site to create the directory user and then reconnect that user to their blog.

    Also the "Batch Create" and "Blogs and Users" plugins allow me to quickly create the student sites but unfortunately I can't create the new site from a predefined template site.
    Current I use the "Blog Template creator" plugin to flag a specific site as a temple site " ie "My Portfolio Gr. 5" and then one by one I generate a new site for a existing students that have all the pre-set information included. This is great for one-off's but at the start of the school year, I have thousands of sites to create. I would like to be able to " batch create" the new site that pulls from a defined template. ( I don't want to have to touch new sites and import in all the posts pages and settings.

    Ideally, I would also like to automate the creation of sites to synced users that exist in our central Ldap and then generate the links to the new sites on a Blog roll on the teachers site.

    Any idea's

    I think Edu Blogs has a custom plugin that does some of this without the ldap directory piece.


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