Is it possible to alter which part of a page displays on a reload

Hi guys,
I have just patched my forums so that the topic reply box is at the top of the page and that the forums are in reverse order so that the latest post appears at the top of the first page. I think this makes for far easier browsing and a more intuitive interface.

I have 2 tewaks that need doing.

Firstly as the latest post is now first at the top of the page BP still applies the permanent link to topic WITHOUT the edit/ delete options on it (as if it were still the first post of the topic). I need this reversing so people can edit the latest reply.
There is a screen shot attached. Notice how the hash on the right hand side of the top post has no edit and delete tags. BP still thinks this is the first, not the latest post.

Secondly the page reloads at the bottom on each posting of a reply. This is where the reply would normally be but it is now at the top. I need to change this so that after posting, the page refreshes at the top.

If anyone else wants the code for this mod then let me know!