Is it possible to ask for skype contact when making appointments?

Most of our appointments are for skype meetings. Is it possible to make this a requirement of booking an appointment or at least having a field to ask for skype address?

  • pxwm
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    Update - Hi @aristath - Sorry our posts crossed. Hope you are on the mend

    Hi @Partnerunning

    You could use the 'Notes' field.
    However this isn't mandatory.
    So if you require the skype information to be mandatory and you can forgo say the standard phone number 'phone' field you could change the name of 'city' and as this field is mandatory you could change the name of 'phone' to 'skype'

    To change the name of the 'phone' field to 'skype' try the following:-

    Login to your Wordpress dashbaord as Admin
    Then Select 'Pages' from the left hand menu
    Then Select the 'Appointments' page
    Then Select the 'Test' page tab
    Then revise the [app_confirmation] shortcode to:-

    [app_confirmation ... phone="Skype:"]

    Then 'Update' the page

    Then Select 'Appointments' and Settings' from the left hand menu
    Then Select the 'General' tab
    Then scroll down to 'Display Settings' section
    Then in the 'Require these from the client:' tick the checkbox for 'Phone'
    Then Save
    Then try making an appointment to confirm this shows.

    I hope this helps

  • pxwm
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    Hi @Partnerunning

    Glad it helped.

    I did originally suggest using another field such as 'City' until I saw @aristath response, which seemed a better solution.

    However if you still require the client's standard phone number you could use say the 'City' field so you have both the standard phone number and Skype number.

    To achieve this you would just change the shortocde to:-

    [app_confirmation ... city="Skype:"]


  • David
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    I know this topic is resolved, however, there is perhaps a better option which is using the add-on 'Additional Fields'. You can find this under the Add-ons tab in the settings section of the plugin.
    Simply activate it and return to the General tab under settings - scroll down to the display settings and underneath 'Additional CSS Rules' you'll find the option to add additional fields to the information you collect at the time of the booking. These fields can be set to be mandatory, so you would simply create a new field, call it Skype ID and add it.
    The new field will appear underneath the Note field. I use it and it is extremely useful to collect valuable additional information. Hope this helps.

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