Is it possible to categorize subscriptions and selectively display them?

I wanted to find out if there is a way to make categories of subscriptions and selectively display them in certain areas. I want to offer subscriptions for hosting, maintenance and domain registrations to handle the automatic re-billing which has always been a hassle. Each of these subscription types has a variety of options so rather than have one page with an overload of different subscriptions, is it possible to display hosting subscriptions on a hosting page, domain subscription on a domain page etc?

Also, any idea if there is a way to reorder the subscriptions to alter the order that they appear on the page. As it stands, they display in the order created from most recent (top) to oldest (bottom) but if subscriptions are added out of order, the only way that I can see to force them into a new order is to manually delete and re-create the subscriptions in the proper order.